As a computer engineer (external collaborator) at Computer Technology Institute and Press, CTI "DIOPHANTUS", i have participated to the following projects:

Repository of questions for the exams in the Greek high school

Greek Digital School
The goal of the project: Specifying a Digital Educational Platform, building and operating an educational knowledge base, adapting and annotating learning objects with educational metadata, building the infrastructure to support exemplary teaching practices and the use of the participatory web. Specifically, I am participating to the work package D6 entitled "Best practices for the exploitation of the participatory web to the education process"

Dias Pay - Ministry of Education
This is a new payroll information system for the employees of the Greek Ministry of Education (elementary and secondary education teachers), offering several integrated applications: Insertion and updating of employees' data, printouts of payroll lists, implementation of bank accounts error checking algorithms, connection to the DIAS interbanking system and feeding of payroll data, information over Web to the employees and the administration.
Internal application - restricted access.

Wireless Mobile Networks
I am participating to the work package 2 (WP2) that concerns the modeling, the representation and the exploitations of the mobile social context from users' mobile devices.

Innovation in Ionian Islands
This system is under pilot operation. It is a complete portal with several innovative functionalities regarding: Presentation of the tourist content of the Ionian Islands, Support and information of the tourist businesses, Holidays suggestions, Hotel availability under restrictions, Mobile information service, Panoramic views, etc.

Digital Library - American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Web information system for the administration and the presentation of the digital library - American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Teleaccess - Intereg IIIB
Creation of telecenters to support learning entrepreneurship and access to Information Society, in isolated areas.

Aristhot - Sciences in the Mediterranean
The objective of Sciences in the Mediterranean is to develop cultural solidarities in the area of the Mediterranean Basin by easing the access for all to a common heritage.

The project aims to investigate the potential offered by social networking tools and platforms to those living in geographically and socio-economically disadvantaged rural areas. More specifically, the proposed project will develop and implement experimental learning approaches examining the potential offered by these new trends and tools for the alleviation of the socioeconomic disadvantage suffered by rural populations in Europe, and in particular for the enhancement of rural citizens’ opportunities for effective and meaningful lifelong learning.

Culture portal of ionian islands
The main goal of the Network Gate is the contribution to the nomination of the historical and civilized face of the Region of Ionian Islands, as also to the touristic development of the Regions. It should be noticed that the Regions of Greece are not only administrative unions, but each one of them has a specific civilized identity and morals and customs.

Proactive Human Response to Wildfires Outbreak: Measure and Prepare for it (PRoMPt).
The objective of the project is to exchange experiences and good practices so as the regional policies for the confrontation of wildfires immediately after their outbreak in very sensitive areas, like the forests’ ones, to be improved.

Web based information system for the University of Patras - Press Section
Web based information system for the press section of University of Patras (access only from University of Patras network)

As a free lance (computer engineer) i have design and develop the following projects:

Department Of Business Administration
The web site of the Department Of Business Administration, Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece

Information System for the Internship Office, Technological Educational Institute of Mesolongi
Design and development of the information system that supports the activities and the procedures of the Internship Office, Technological Educational Institute of Mesolongi. Based on the Java CMS, Liferay 6 CE
The web site of construction company "Sakelaris Dimitrios - Liaros Charalampos ATE"
The web site of hotel Oreades, Ano Chora, Nafpaktos, Greece
The web site of the dental laboratory Styliaras Ioannis
The web site of the construction company FK Synthesis
The web site of the company (Porcelana - Nafpaktos)
The web site of the company
The web site of the company
The web site of the restaurant Beer & Mania, Nafpaktos

Antonios S. Fragos - Attorney at Law
Informative web page for the law office of Antonios S. Fragos, Nafpaktos, Greece